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Discover the Best Books on Radiation Therapy

Deep dive into every lesson and calculation that each radiation therapist needs to know. Order your copy of these essential study tools and take your RT knowledge to the next level.

Comprehensive Review Guide for the Radiation Therapy Examination: Second Edition

Your ultimate study tool for the Radiation Therapy Registry and CQR testing, students and Therapists alike can enjoy deepening their knowledge of Radiotherapy through skillfully and carefully selected lessons.

  • ✔ Handy access to all crucial test components
  • ✔ Concise bullet points on each topic for ease of studying
  • ✔ Practice exam-setting testing through TWO mock exams with a total of 400 example test questions AND explanations on each questions/answer
  • ✔ Up-to-date: New material added in 2022
  • ✔ This book is a requirement in many schools and is trusted as a reliable source by many program directors

Radiation Therapy Calculations Manual

Designed to help Radiation Therapy students and Therapists understand all required calculations for schooling, registry, and CQR testing.. You’ll be provided not just with the equations, but also examples and practice problems so you can explore the concepts in-depth.

Some formulas include:

  • ✔ Interpolation
  • ✔ Inverse square law
  • ✔ Direct proportions
  • ✔ Percentage depth dose
  • ✔ Mayneord F
  • ✔ Gap calculations
  • ✔ Collimator and couch rotations
  • ✔ Equivalent square
  • ✔ Blocked equivalent square
  • ✔ MU calculations 

…and MORE!


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