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Increase Your Scores Through Personalized 1:1 Tutoring

Whether you’re just starting your program, need extra help with a particular class, or prepping for the registry, we can help.

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Done-for-you Structure

Private tutoring helps you by providing a done-for-you structure so you can take the load of strategizing and just focus on studying. Once we figure out your study level, needs, and learning style, we’ll create a strategy on what you should study so you can get the best understanding of the concepts and increase your scores.

Individualized Approach

Going to a school setting is a great way to study, but it may not be able to support all styles of teaching. Sometimes, they may not match with how you could best understand the lessons. It may be difficult or scary to ask questions in a larger class. Private tutoring provides a safe and fit-for-you space for personal support so you won’t miss any important concepts.


It is common (and very normal!) to have many questions on the registry materials. Sometimes it may be difficult to find these answers on your own. Private tutoring provides a safe space for one-on-one support so that you can gain the knowledge needed for the exam without being afraid to ask for clarifications and focus on parts you’d like to understand more of.

Reach Your Goals

Because of the personal nature of tutoring, your goals become our goals too! Together, we will strive for excellence. Whether it be to ace a subject while in school... Review for the registry exam or… Simply deepening your knowledge… You’ll receive the support you need! We’ll lay out the steps you should take towards your goals through carefully chosen lessons, practice problems, and examples. From your end, you’re encouraged to provide feedback and questions to make sure we are on track.

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  Tutoring starting from $80/session.

Great! I’m ready to get started preparing for my Radiation Therapy registry!

Tutor Matching

Once we get your information, we’ll reach out via email to match a tutor with you.

We’ll also share more information about our system of tutoring and you’ll receive an invoice.


Once we receive your payment and match you to your tutor, we’ll get started based on the first day of tutoring we’ve scheduled!

During the sessions, you are encouraged to ask questions for anything you need clarifications with. 

In case we have to move our schedule, both parties are to inform each other at least 1 day prior.


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