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Hi! I’m Laura 
– and I’m on a mission.

 Just like you — while studying for the exam — I felt a ton of overwhelm and frustration.

Even though I’ve already gone through two different schools to take the registry by that time (first started in Radiography and then went to Radiation Therapy)...

It felt as if there was still not enough updated information at hand to support the answers we need to provide. I’d often find myself asking…

“How does this connect with that?”

“Where can I read more to verify this?”

“Why are these values different? Which one should I follow?”

As you can see, it was confusion after confusion. There were days I ended up spending more time looking for information from a variety of sources than actually studying.

By then, I knew that something had to change.

Currently, my online review course is live and accessible for students to use and ace the Radiation Therapy Registry Exam not just across the country, but also across the world! 

Additionally, I’ve built a tutoring team to support more students seeking additional guidance in radiation therapy. I have also updated my book to include newer material and wrote another called, "Radiation Therapy Calculations Manual."

My mission carried the hope of helping more and more students increase their scores and pass the registry. You can count that I’ll continuously work on the course to make it better and up to date with our evolving field of radiation therapy. 

So when I passed the registry exam, I created my first book called, "Comprehensive Review Guide for the Radiation Therapy Examination,” and offered it to others.

That small effort helped hundreds of students — and their response to the book just showed the demand for this type of support. Without missing a beat, I created a Facebook community to further help students by providing a space where they can connect and help each other by answering questions. 

From there, students asked me to tutor them, which was fun and fulfilling for a time — but I could not help them all at the same time, while working as a Radiation Therapist.

Now, I made it my mission to make studying easy, fun, and standardized. This way we can all achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a Radiation Therapist, which is a rewarding and wonderful career.


Brittany DeSario

Brittany graduated from SUNY Upstate Medical University in May 2022. While there, she received the Thomas Grady Scholarship and was a member of the Alpha Eta Honor Society. She has served as a student mentor and guest lecturer and helped students increase their grades as well as pass their registry! Her area of expertise is physics, dosimetry and cancer types. Aside from this, Brittany has two dogs she adores and enjoys exercising!

Eric Malcom

Eric completed radiation therapy school in Arizona at Mayo Clinic, Banner Health, and St. Joseph's Medical Centers. He has had a passion for teaching ever since he was young. He loves guiding others in a profession that he cares so deeply about. Unfortunately, his best friend's passing brought him to this career path. He is areas of expertise include physics, calculations and treatments, but is excited to help in all areas. He is also fluent in Spanish! Eric was born and raised in southeast Idaho. He enjoys all sorts of sports and outdoors. 


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